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X(1), X(2), X(6), X(13), X(15), X(17), X(61), X(396), X(1652), X(2981)

three equilateral anticevian points. See Table 14.

See Clark Kimberling, Cubics Associated with Triangles of Equal Areas, Forum Geometricorum, vol.1, pp.161-171, 2000.

K129b is anharmonically equivalent to the Neuberg cubic. See Table 20.

It is a member of the Thomson-Grebe pencil. See Table 13.

Locus properties :

  1. Locus of point P such that the polar lines (in the Simmons in-conic with perspector X(13) and center X(396) ) of P and its isogonal conjugate P* are parallel. Simmons inconics are studied here.
  2. see K005 Napoleon cubic, locus property 5.
  3. see Table 32, Kiepert Anticevian Mates.