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Special Isocubics in the Triangle Plane


Forum Geometricorum Papers

A Morley Configuration

The Simson Cubic

The Lemoine Cubic and its Generalizations

Orthocorrespondence and Orthopivotal Cubics

The Parasix Configuration and Orthocorrespondence

Antiorthocorrespondents of Circum-Conics

Generalized Mandart Conics

Isocubics with Concurrent Normals

Simmons Conics

Bicevian Tucker Circles

How pivotal cubics intersect the circumcircle

Cubics Related to Coaxial Circles

Asymptotic Directions of Pivotal Isocubics

The Cevian Simson Transformation



Other Papers or Drafts

On two Remarkable Pencils of Cubics of the Triangle Plane (106 KB)

Tucker Cubics and Bicentric Cubics (2.5 MB)

Bicevian Conics and CPCC Cubics (680 KB)

Equivalent Pivotal Cubics (140 KB)

Cubics passing through the foci of an inscribed conic (287 KB)

On a Class of Focal Cubics (108 KB)

Affine Mappings and Related Conics (70 KB)

Inverses of Isocubics (112 KB)

Neuberg Cubics (974 KB)

The Lemoine Pencils of Cubics (188 KB)

Cubics Related to Radical Axes (316 KB)

Cubics related to Concurrent Tangents - Part 1 (283 KB)

Cubics related to Concurrent Tangents - Part 2 (49 KB)

Circumcubics meeting the Circumcircle at six points with concurring tangents (1.6 MB)

Pseudo-Pivotal Cubics and Poristic Triangles (5.8 MB)

On the Thomson Triangle (1.6 MB)

Bi-isogonal and Tri-isogonal Pivotal Cubics (1.5 MB)

Lemoine and Tucker Conics and Circles of a Cubic (1.7 MB)

Pairs and Triads of points on the Neuberg Cubic connected with Euler Lines and Brocard Axes (975 KB)

Inscribed Cardioids and Eckart Cubics (1.8 MB)

Another kind of Lemoine cubics (295 KB)

McCay Stelloids (1.9 MB)

Two Related Transformations and Associated Cubics (395 KB)

A Remarkable Rational Transformation related to Pivotal Cubics (205 KB)

Isometric Parallel Chords on the Neuberg Cubic (481 KB)

Inscribed Nephroids and Related Curves (464 KB)

Cubics related to Parallelogic Pedal Triangles (416 KB)

Perspective Triangles inscribed in the Neuberg Cubic (158 KB)

A Generalized Morley Configuration (758 KB)