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X(110), X(691), X(4230), X(5467), X(17938), X(17939), X(17940), X(17941), X(17942), X(17943), X(17944), X(17945), X(23348)

centers of Apollonius circles

Given the isoconjugation with pole W = X110^2 (barycentric square of X(110), the locus of point P such that the pedal triangles of P and its W-isoconjugate P* are parallelogic is K147 = nK0(W, X6) = cK0(#X110, X6), if we omit the line at infinity and the trilinear polar of the isotomic conjugate of the isogonal conjugate of W. K147 is a member of the class CL022 of cubics.

It is a singular cubic with node X(110) and with perpendicular nodal tangents. See Special Isocubics ยง8.

The isogonal transform of K147 is K979.

K147 is the X(110)-Hirst inverse of the circum-circle (O) of ABC.

See here for a family of related cubics.

W is now X(23357) in ETC (2018-09-19). It is the isogonal conjugate of X(338).