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X(7), X(9), X(366), X(144), X(2951), X(3062), X(15913), X(42483)

vertices of the cevian triangle of X(144)

vertices of the anticevian triangle of X(366)

infinite points of the cevian lines of X(7)

K202 is a central pK with center the mittenpunkt X(9), pole the incenter X(1), pivot X(144) which is the Gergonne point of the antimedial triangle.

The tangents at X(9) and X(7) pass through X(1). The asymptotes pass through X(9) and the midpoints of ABC hence they are parallel to the cevian lines of X(7) .

The isogonal transform of K202 is K1253 = pK(X31, X165) and its isotomic transform is pK(X75, X16284).

K202 is the SS{a->√a} image of the Darboux cubic K004.