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X(4), X(23), X(511), X(895), X(1337), X(1338), X(1916), X(3557), X(3558), X(3563)

K289 is the antigonal transform of the line HX(69). Its isogonal transform is K1281.

It is also the orthoassociate of the conic passing through X(4), X(114) and the vertices of the orthic triangle. See a generalization at K186. See also the Ehrmann strophoid K025 and the Gigha cubic K288.

K289 is a circular nodal cubic with singular focus X(6321) and node H. The nodal tangents are parallel to the asymptotes of the circum-conic passing through X(64) and X(98).

The real asymptote is the parallel at X(99) to the Brocard axis. K289 meets its asymptote at X, a point on the line X(4)X(804) and on the rectangular circum-hyperbola passing through X(99).

K289 meets the Neuberg cubic at A, B, C, H (double), the Wernau points X(1337), X(1338) and the circular points at infinity.

See another generalization and other related cubics in Table 43.