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X(30), X(186), X(1138), X(2071)

reflections A', B', C' of A, B, C in the line X3-X523

A", B", C" isoconjugates of A', B', C'

K528 is an example of axial pivotal cubic. See also CL057 and K335.

The axis of symmetry (L) is the perpendicular at O to the Euler line.

K528 is invariant under the isoconjugation with pole X(14910) that swaps the Lemoine point K and X(2986), the trilinear pole of (L).

The pivot is X(14911), the reflection of the isogonal conjugate of X(113) about (L).

One of the asymptotes is the parallel at K to the Euler line, the two other asymptotes are real if and only if ABC is obtusangle.

The polar conic of O is a circle. The orthic line is the perpendicular at X(184) to (L).

The isogonal transform of K528 is K255, a central pK.