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Ia, Ib, Ic vertices of excentral triangle

cevians of X(69), the perspector of the in-conic with center O

points at infinity of the McCay cubic

foci of the inconic with center O, perspector X(69) : F1, F2 and two imaginary

U1, U2 met at Q007, four other similarly

The bicircular septic Q008 is the isogonal conjugate of Q007.

The vertices of ABC are double points. The tangents at A to Q008 are the bisectors.

The tangents at the in/excenters are those of the McCay cubic and therefore pass through O.

The 21 common points of Q008 and the McCay cubic are A, B, C (counting as 6 points), the points at infinity of the McCay cubic, the in/excenters (counting as 8 points), the four foci of the in-conic with center O. These latter points also lie on K019, the Brocard (third) cubic. Thus, Q008 has three real (not concurring) asymptotes making 60° angles with one another.