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X(3), X(4)

points at infinity of the circum-conic (C) with center X(5), perspector X(216)

Ha, Hb, Hc : vertices of the orthic triangle

Oa, Ob, Oc : vertices of the cevian triangle of O

Q022 is a bicircular isogonal sextic. It is the locus of P such that the orthotransversals of P and its isogonal conjugate P* are perpendicular (together with the line at infinity and the circumcircle). See also Q021.

Properties :

  • A, B, C are double points. The tangents at A are the line AO and AH.
  • The tangent at O is perpendicular to the Euler line.
  • The tangent at H passes through X(924).
  • Q022 is tritangent at Ha, Hb, Hc to the nine-point circle.