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X(2), X(6), X(523)

reflections of A, B, C in G

points of the Thomson cubic at infinity and on the circumcircle

This curve is related to Table 28 : {X}-Cevian and Anticevian points.

It is the locus of the perspectors of circum-conics having the same points at infinity as a member of the pencil of quintics Q[m,n].

Q062 has four real asymptotes : one is the perpendicular L at G to the Euler line and the three other are parallel to those of the Thomson cubic.

Q062 meets the circumcircle at the same points as the Thomson cubic and two other points on the line L.

Q062 meets the Steiner ellipse at A, B, C, their reflections in G and two other points on the perpendicular at K to the Euler line. The fourth point on the median AG is -a^2 : 2SA : 2SA.

G is a flex and the inflexional tangent is the line GK.

Q062 meets the sidelines of ABC again at six points which lie on the parallels to L at the points where the Euler line meets the circle with center G passing through X(125), the center of the Jerabek hyperbola.