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vertices of the orthic triangle

other points below

Q108 is the locus of foci of rectangular circum-hyperbolas. Recall that their centers lie on the nine point circle.

Q108 is a tricircular circum-sextic meeting the circumcircle again at six points lying on the lines La, Lb, Lc which are the trilinear polars of the extraversions of X(278). These lines bound a triangle perspective at X(19) to ABC and at X(1824) to HaHbHc.

Ha, Hb, Hc are double points with perpendicular tangents.The sidelines of the orthic triangle meet Q108 again at three other double points Ka, Kb, Kc which are the vertices of a triangle perspective at X(24) to ABC and at X(52) to HaHbHc. In other words, the lines HxKx are the altitudes of HaHbHc.