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X(2), X(5), X(17), X(18), X(371), X(372), X(1131), X(1132), X(3068), X(3069), X(3070), X(3071), X(8976), X(13951), X(31412), X(39641), X(39642), X(42557), X(42558), X(42559), X(42560), X(42561)

X(39641), X(39642) are the imaginary foci of the Brocard inellipse, on the Brocard axis and the Kiepert hyperbola

Q168 is a KHO-curve, see K1191 and CL075 for information. See also Q073 and Q167, two other KHO-quartics.

The KHO-equation is : 2x^4 + 3x^2 y (10y - 9z) - 9 (y -z) (2y - z) (6y^2 - 3yz + 2z^2) = 0.