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X(3), X(6), X(23), X(25), X(111), X(187), X(1177), X(2393), X(2930), X(3455), X(8428), X(10355), X(13493)

E = X(3455), X(32)-isoconjugate of X(23), isogonal conjugate of X(316)

isogonal conjugates of the anticomplements of X(67), X(111)

Ka, Kb, Kc : vertices of the tangential triangle, on the perpendicular bisectors

X(111)A /\ X(3)Ka, etc, also on the perpendicular bisectors

K108 is the only circular pK with pole X(32). Its pivot is X(23), the far-out point. The singular focus is X(14655).

K108 is the isogonal transform of the Droussent cubic K008 and the inversive image of K043 in the circumcircle. See also Inverses of Isocubics.

The real asymptote is parallel to the line X(6)X(25).

Let A'B'C' be the tangential triangle i.e. the anticevian triangle of K. The three circles PAA', PBB', PCC' are concurrent if and only if P lies on K108 (together with the line at infinity). See also K008, property 4.

See the analogous K1129.