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X(10), X(37), X(42), X(65), X(71), X(210), X(227), X(1826), X(53011), X(53012), X(53013)

Geometric properties :

K366 is the locus of pseudo-pivots of central psKs with center X(10). The locus of pseudo-poles is K1311 = pK(X762, X10) and the locus of pseudo-isopivots is K1312 = pK(X1500, X10). One of these cubics is K033 and all four cubics are equivalent to K002. See Table 21.

See Pseudo-Pivotal Cubics and Poristic Triangles and Central cubics.

K1312 is the barycentric products X(10) × K002, X(37) × K034, X(42) × K184, X(71) × K647, X(306) × K445, X(313) × K346, X(321) × K175, X(1826) × K099, also the barycentric quotient K576 ÷ X(1790).

K1047 is the image of K1312 under the symbolic substitution SS{a → SA}.