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X(1), X(2), X(6), X(39), X(83), X(182), X(262)


pivot : P423 = X(2)X(6) /\ X(36)X(83) /\ X(182)X(262) = X3329

K423 and K128 are the Kiepert AntiCevian Mates of the Brocard (fourth) cubic K020 and also K422. See explanations in Table 32.

K423 and K128 are members of the Thomson-Grebe pencil. See Table 13.

K423 is a an isogonal pK. Its pivot is X(3329) = a^4+b^2c^2+2a^2(b^2+c^2) : : , the harmonic conjugate of X(385) with respect to G and K.

It is a cubic anharmonically equivalent to K020 as in Table 66.

Locus properties :

The 2nd Neuberg triangle and the anticevian triangle of M are perspective if and only if M lies on K423. The locus of the perspector is K422. See the related K128.